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Whether you have to pay a utility bill or your car broke down, everyone runs short on cash occasionally. If you take out a payday loan you will probably borrow around $375.  The problem is that most people can't repay the loan in 2 weeks so they renew it an average of 6 times.  What that means is if you borrow $375, with the crazy fees and interest rates they charge you will probably end up having to pay back nearly $1000 and sweating every 2 weeks trying to get out from under their thumb  

There is a great option for you if you have some old gold jewelry in a drawer and it doesn't matter what condition it is in.  If you sell just a couple of gold chains or rings, you can get cash you need and there is nothing to pay back, no fees and no interest because it isn't a loan.  Your bills get paid and you are done!

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